Empowering Discoveries in Oncology

At Sysmex Inostics, we are pioneers in liquid biopsy who are on a mission to defeat cancer. As innovators in cancer detection, we have a deep knowledge of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) dynamics. Sysmex Inostics' ultra-sensitive liquid biopsy solutions were designed to deliver exquisite ctDNA detection to answer the most important clinical questions, both in the patient care setting as well as in BioPharma clinical development.

Latest news and press releases

Sysmex Inostics Presents SafeSEQ NGS Data at AACR for NSCLC Patients
Sysmex Inostics Presents Data Demonstrating Exquisite Sensitivity of SafeSEQ NGS Detection of MRD AML at ASH Annual Meeting
Sysmex Inostics' Liquid Biopsy Testing Benefits Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Patient Management
Sysmex Inostics’ OncoBEAM™ RAS CRC testing supports clinical outcome improvements for metastatic colorectal cancer patients rechallenged with anti-EGFR therapy
Sysmex Corporation received Insurance Coverage in Japan for Liquid Biopsy RAS Gene Mutation Testing  for CRC Using High-Sensitivity Digital PCR