SafeSEQ: Ultra-Sensitive NGS Liquid Biopsy Technology

Ultra-sensitive next-generation sequencing for the reliable detection of rare mutant molecules through optimized technology and panel design

Ultra-Sensitive NGS Liquid Biopsy Technology

SafeSEQ technology delivers best-in-class, ultra-sensitive NGS liquid biopsy solutions to identify tumor mutations across cancer types for a range of intended uses, including to better-inform therapy selection, dynamically monitor tumor response, identify molecular mediators of resistance, and detect minimal residual disease at a variant level that is an order of magnitude more sensitive than other methods.

High sensitivity: The most sensitive test available for NGS liquid biopsy testing – an order of magnitude more sensitive than other methods, meaning the difference between discerning disease clearance versus detecting minimal residual disease.
Native quantitation: the absolute quantity of mutant molecules per sample can provide more comprehensive insight into tumor response instead of reporting a mutation fraction, or MAF, that may be influenced by factors unrelated to tumor burden.
Efficient: Optimized NGS ensures the most clinically relevant regions across any tumor type are deeply interrogated, reducing costs associated with off-target, broad panel approaches.
Rapid custom panels enable optimization of the diagnostic test to fit the clinical need and can be rapidly deployed to support biomarker hypotheses in clinical development.

Additional benefits

  • Proven Safe-SEQ technology combined with proprietary bioinformatic analysis to maximize analytic performance.
  • Compatible with both tissue specimens and plasma ctDNA → decreased variability when analyzing matched specimens.
  • Built on Sysmex’s vast experience with plasma ctDNA analysis using our gold-standard OncoBEAM™ technology.

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