OncoBEAM: Benchmark-Setting Liquid Biopsy Technology

Benchmark-Setting Liquid Biopsy Technology

OncoBEAM technology is based on an enhanced digital PCR method, BEAMing (Bead, Emulsion, Amplification, and Magnetics), which combines emulsion PCR with magnetic beads and flow cytometry for the highly sensitive detection and quantification of mutant tumor DNA molecules.

BEAMing was the first liquid biopsy technology applied to oncology and remains the most sensitive digital PCR approach available, widely considered a gold standard for ctDNA based liquid biopsy testing. OncoBEAM allows for the detection of important mutations from 0.02% to 0.04% allele frequency to ensure reliable molecular information for timely and non-invasive treatment selection and enhanced prediction of resistance to therapy. Learn more about available OncoBEAM tests here.

OncoBEAM technology was first described in 2003 (PMID: 12857956) and birthed the field of liquid biopsy in 2008 when investigators at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine successfully demonstrated its clinical utility in a landmark study of metastatic colorectal cancer patients Diehl, F. et al. Circulating Mutant DNA to Assess Tumor Dynamics. Nature Medicine 2008, 14 (9), 985–990. Nature Medicine. Since then, OncoBEAM technology has been utilized in nearly one-hundred peer-reviewed publications. Dozens of BioPharma companies have developed innovative therapies and designed dynamic treatment programs to incorporate real-time monitoring of tumor response and subsequent therapy interventions informed by OncoBEAM technology.
Learn more about how BEAMing could be used for clinical testing: Sysmex OncoBEAM circulating tumor DNA testing in clinical practice (PDF)

The video below illustrates the main steps of the BEAMing process: PCR amplification, formation of water-in-oil emulsions, breaking of the emulsions and hybridization to fluorescent probes, and flow cytometry readout.


Detect important mutations from 0.02% to 0.04% allele frequency using BEAMing enhanced digital PCR technology. Learn more about the single gene and gene panel testing available here

Interested in seeing how BEAMing could be used for clinical testing? Access the resource “Sysmex OncoBEAM circulating tumor DNA testing in clinical practice” here (PDF)

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