Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer Consortium (BloodPAC) Announces Milestone in Accelerating Development of Liquid Biopsy for Cancer: Initial Release of Open Data


Date: 2018-02-15 Tags: Press release, Sysmex Inostics GmbH, Germany

We’re proud to be part of this important milestone in advancing the technology #liquidbiopsy. Our data contribution and ongoing technical support for @blood_pac is part of our commitment to improve care for patients with #cancer.

On the One-Year Anniversary of BloodPAC, Public Release of First Harmonized Datasets Will Open New Opportunities for Innovation and Collaboration

CHICAGO, US, 2018-02-12 – Exactly one year after its establishment as an independent non-profit, The Blood Profiling Atlas in Cancer Consortium (BloodPAC) announced the public release and accessibility of an initial dataset. The dataset resides in the BloodPAC Data Commons and was developed to deepen the understanding of an individual patient’s cancer and accelerate the development of liquid biopsy technology to improve the outcomes of patients with cancer. Prior to establishing itself as an independent entity, BloodPAC was a collaborative commitment to the Cancer Moonshot initiative spearheaded by former Vice President, Joseph R. Biden, Jr.


“Liquid biopsies hold great promise to improve the detection, diagnosis and management of cancer patients. However, like other areas of innovation in medicine, one of the biggest barriers we face in translating the science into clinical impact for patients is multi-stakeholder collaboration, data-sharing, and accepted best practices,” said Phil Febbo, MD, chief medical officer of Genomic Health, Inc. “BloodPAC, in just one year, has delivered on the vision to build a shared data commons that will help the innovators across the research community work meaningfully towards that common goal of understanding how liquid biopsies can improve care for individuals with cancer.” 

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