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Sysmex Inostics, a subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation, is a molecular diagnostics company that is a pioneer in blood-based cell-free tumor DNA oncology testing utilizing highly sensitive technologies such as BEAMing and Plasma Sequencing.

Our highly sensitive OncoBEAM™ assays detect gene mutations in cancer allowing for more targeted therapies and monitoring of disease response and recurrence to identify clinically actionable tumor specific somatic mutations in blood samples. Sysmex Inostics has a CLIA-certified laboratory in Baltimore, Maryland and a GCP laboratory in Hamburg, Germany. We also provide testing services in China and Japan. In addition, OncoBEAM™ assays are offered through laboratories participating in our Centers of Excellence program in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

What we offer

Sysmex Inostics is a trusted partner to leading pharmaceutical companies, advancing their efforts to bring the most effective personalized cancer therapies to global markets. We offer:

  • Biomarker Assay Development
  • Analytical and Clinical Validation
  • Regulatory Registration/Approval
  • cGMP Manufacturing
  • GCP/CLIA certified laboratory
  • Project Management
  • Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Kit Development and Commercialization

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