Rapid Custom SafeSEQ: Customizable Ultra-Sensitive NGS Liquid Biopsy Technology

Clinical-grade, ultra-sensitive NGS liquid biopsy

SafeSEQ technology is designed to deliver a clinical-grade, ultra-sensitive NGS liquid biopsy solution to identify gene mutations to inform therapy selection, monitor tumor response, and identify emerging resistance.

High sensitivity and quantitative mutation calling by focusing on the most clinically relevant regions for different cancer types.

Minimal cost since excess data are not produced and wasted with every run, unlike large panels.

Rapid custom panels allow proper optimization of the diagnostic test to fit the clinical need.

NGS is a trusted and robust method for detecting multiple biomarkers with a single workflow. However, not all NGS assays perform the same, and it can be challenging to find the best test to fit your clinical development program's needs. Broad "pan-cancer" approaches can cover hundreds of biomarkers, making them powerful for early discovery; however, they lack optimization for specific intended uses and negatively impact overall data quality. Ultimately, this can slow patient identification and enrollment.

Rapid Custom SafeSEQ is the more sensitive, targeted, and tailored alternative to ensure you have access to the right test with the performance to provide the right information at the right time.


Solve ctDNA Detection & Analysis Challenges with SafeSEQ
Rapid Custom SafeSEQ provides custom ctDNA detection capabilities designed to optimize biomarker performance, development, and accelerate clinical evaluations.


Accelerate your clinical study with our expert molecular design capabilities, focused on the most relevant therapeutic targets and emerging resistance mutations


Maximize ctDNA analysis with limits of detection (LoD) 0.03-0.06%, an order of magnitude more sensitive than pan-cancer plasma NGS panels


Elevate data quality and streamline testing, providing deeper insights into therapeutic response, emerging resistance, and minimal/measurable residual disease (MRD)


Advance through clinical development with full diagnostic support, from IND through NDA, leveraging our proprietary platform

Balancing Depth Versus Breadth with NGS

Sequencing power can be spread broadly across many genomic regions or focused on defined, clinically relevant regions. While a pan-cancer assay's breadth is tremendously powerful for biomarker discovery, SafeSEQ focuses exclusively on clinically relevant targets to achieve best-in-class LoD.

Advancing clinical oncology programs also demands flexibility. Rapid Custom SafeSEQ keeps pace with an ever-changing biomarker landscape by ensuring test performance is optimized, even when panels change.

By maintaining the right balance of coverage and sensitivity, SafeSEQ maximizes and expedites patient enrollment and delivers more in-depth insights into biomarker validity.

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A Legacy of Innovation in ctDNA Testing

As the first provider of centralized ctDNA testing through our OncoBEAM technology, we understand how difficult it is to detect rare tumor-derived mutant molecules. OncoBEAM provides essential and ultra-high sensitivity detection is to ensure accurate clinical measurement of ctDNA alterations.
We are now helping to solve even more clinical development challenges across the oncology spectrum, with SafeSEQ's unparalleled NGS performance.

Your Clinical Needs, Your Timeline

Rapid Custom SafeSEQ panels are available as an RUO service as quickly as four weeks after design finalization.
We offer experienced regulatory guidance to help you define the optimum strategy for diagnostic support for your clinical development program.
Get started planning your custom SafeSEQ panel. Our ctDNA molecular diagnostics experts can quickly assess your specific requirements and provide a range of options to support your success.
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