BioPharma Support & Services

Reliable support for all phases of clinical development

Sysmex-BioPharma second picSysmex Inostics specializes in purpose-designed, ultra-sensitive tests capable of detecting genetic alterations at very low mutant allele frequencies.

Our SafeSEQ and OncoBEAM™ testing services help ensure the most efficient approach to patient enrollment in clinical trials for targeted therapies through reliable identification of even the lowest frequency mutations.

SafeSEQ and OncoBEAM™ technologies are ideal for exploring novel clinical applications that require ultra-high sensitivity, such as molecular monitoring of disease progression, identification of targetable resistance alterations, and detection of minimal residual disease.

SafeSEQ Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) services offer exquisite sensitivity, with reliable detection of 5 mutant molecules in a background of 10,000 wildtype molecules (0.05% MAF). We offer expert-designed panels to answer your clinical questions accurately and efficiently.

Detect important mutations from 0.02% to 0.04% allele frequency using BEAMing enhanced digital PCR technology. OncoBEAM tests are highly clinically validated across numerous disease types to ensure unrivaled depth of information from a simple blood draw.

Choose your genes and mutations of interest with fast delivery of a custom NGS-based SafeSEQ panel to answer critical clinical questions.